Pinches Events

Nestled on the side of our 40 acre site, we are developing our place to enable children to experience new perspectives and possibilities. We’ll be working very closely with local schools and authorities to ensure that we remain current, exciting and relevant.


Opening in Summer 2024, our place is primarily designed to take 6 -18yr olds out of their usual surroundings and to immerse them in an alternative natural environment that engages all their senses as part of a day visit experience.

Children will experience a blend of Woodland Care skills alongside some Bushcraft. This will enable your child to learn and understand the connection between things and how a woodland thrives when all parts of it work together. Some tasks will be solo focused, and others will only be able to be completed if the group works together as a team.

We aim to free up a new appreciation in a child that has disconnected from the world around them or perhaps become caught up in the handheld digital world.

While your child will certainly learn how to work with tools and get their hands dirty, along with being able to make safe camping fires and protecting the woodland, they will definitively experience teamwork and belonging to a positive tribe.

Sometimes all it takes is for a slight change to happen to see a dramatic positive change in behaviour.